The authors of this blog are Ryan and Kristin Kidd.  We started this blog during our courtship, intent on sharing our thoughts and experiences with others, but we got lost gazing into each other’s eyes.

We are still hopelessly in love, but I (Kristin) find a few moments here and there to share my ponderings and musings which I come up with during and in-between enjoying time with my husband, raising two boys, keeping house, making meals, managing finances, gardening, reading, studying, researching, homeschooling, and all the other occupations and interests I have as a Christian wife, mother, and philosopher.

Here is a picture of my three handsome gentlemen:

Handsome Gents

I feel so blessed to call them mine.  Never a dull moment when I am with these three.

Ryan can’t sit still, and usually juggles several projects at once.  He is a software developer during business hours, and a jack-of-all-trades the rest of the time. His primary interests include bikes, tools, theology and philosophy, law and politics. He also considers it his solemn duty to teach his boys how to be manly men, which makes me smile.

As for the boys, you couldn’t find happier little fellows anywhere.  Justin is a rough-and-tumble little guy, boasting a new bruise or scrape every other day.  He is so full of life.  Patrick, likewise, is full of smiles and giggles.  Oh, the abundant joy that is mine!

In our blog you will find our Christmas newsletters which will keep you up-to-date as to our annual adventures and activities.  Browse our pictures and read quotes and excerpts taken from the latest books or articles we’ve been perusing.  Enjoy.

In His Service,