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Christmas Newsletter 2010

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

We hope this letter finds you all well.

God has been good to us once again, although this year presented a few big challenges.

In March our friends, the Montagues, came and stayed with us for a week
in preparation for their Toronto rally and court hearing regarding Bruce’s challenge of Canada’s tyrannical gun laws.  We lent our support to the cause, though it is an uphill battle to convince the government that it should not have a monopoly on firearms.

In mid-March I developed complications in my pregnancy which put me in bedrest for 3 weeks. Ryan’s sister Ariel came and stayed with us for those weeks to take care of Justin and manage the household tasks, for which we are very thankful.  Some of the highlights of the month included Justin’s first birthday and the wedding of our friends the Guldemonds which Ryan attended in Oklahoma.

2nd Anniversary

We were grateful when on May 19th (our second wedding anniversary) we finally regained the peace and security of our home when a tenant who had started using drugs finally left.

Later in May we celebrated the marriage of Ryan’s brother Joel to my childhood friend Christine, a match that we had conspired and put in motion at our own wedding two years prior. Ryan and his brothers and sisters were all in the wedding party.  The wedding was beautiful and the feast lasted seven days (at least the leftovers lasted that long!).

Ryan Replacing Windows

During the summer we concentrated on renovations.  We replaced our drafty, thirty-year-old windows and made some significant upgrades to the bathrooms.  Ryan and Justin enjoyed some good father-son time biking around the neighbourhood, with Justin safely strapped in a toddler rider seat mounted to the cross-bar on Ryan’s bike.  Justin also visited the neighbourhood playground with Mommy and Daddy and had a grand time swinging and sliding, and playing in the sand.

Father-Son Biking

In September we joined Ryan’s family for a week together at a cottage near Bancroft.  We had an amazing time together, organizing a regatta and a scavenger hunt/obstacle course, canoeing, swimming, playing board games, and sharing good food and good laughs. Then scarcely a week after we returned home, we were blessed with the arrival of our little Patrick Henry Kidd.  Everyone was excited at the new addition. Patrick was baptized into God’s Covenant Family a little over a week after his birth.


The month of October saw the celebration of Thanksgiving with family and friends.  On October 29th and 30th, we attended an Ezra Institute conference on “Reclaiming a Biblical Vision of the Family,” which Ryan helped to organize.  This month (December) Justin is thrilled to play in the snow, and we are all eagerly anticipating Christmas visits with family and holiday food and fun.  I have my decorations up and am playing
Christmas music all day long.

Justin in the Snow

As for our little boys, they are so precious! We joy at watching Justin grow and learn.  He is quick to smile and giggle, he loves playing with his trucks and having Mommy or Daddy read books to him.  Justin also loves to be a “big helper” for Mommy: pushing the broom, fetching things for Mommy, scrubbing, and putting the clean laundry away.  He adores his baby brother.  As for Patrick, he is a happy, content baby who is skilled at charming Mommy, Daddy, and just about everyone else.

We thank and praise God for yet another year in which He has so richly blessed us, far more than what we deserve.  We are especially grateful for the gift of our little Patrick.  Life is so much more precious when one realizes just how fragile it is.

Date Night

This year had its share of trials and uncertain days, but God is faithful and does not test us beyond what we are able to bear.  God has been refining us, so that we reflect more and more the image of Christ.  Our prayer is that, whatever difficulties we may encounter in the path God has carved for us, God will give us the strength of character we need to remain faithful to Him and to His Word.

Blessings this Christmas and for the New Year,

Ryan, Kristin, Justin & Patrick