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Narrow-minded People

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

by Kristin

In case you haven’t noticed already, some people are narrow-minded.  What people am I thinking of? Well, I was particularly thinking of people who typically like to call themselves ‘open-minded’, ‘liberal’, ‘free thinkers’, and ‘followers of science,’ but in reality, they are just as biased and intolerant as the next man.  Here I have compiled a short list of the statements narrow-minded people can make:

1. “There is NO God.”

This is what we philosophers call an “absolute negative.” This is the equivalent of claiming “There are absolutely no pink elephants in the universe.” A statement which espouses an absolute negative is impossible to prove unless you are an omnipresent being (i.e. you are everywhere in the universe at one time).

2.  “The current evolutionary dogma is the only scientific explanation for our present day world.”

What rock have they been hiding under? First of all, evolutionary theory as it stands today is fraught with problems and unanswered questions.  Highschool science textbooks still contain and sell as truth evolutionary ideas which were disproven or exposed as hoaxes long ago, like the peppered moth hoax and Haeckel’s fraudulent drawings of human and animal embryos. Evolutionists have a lot of explainin’ to do.

And what about irreducible complexity? The wonders of DNA? Darwin’s “simple cell” which turned out to be a whole microcosm in itself? Evolutionary theory has no answers for all this.

There are scientists (and I’m not just talking about creationists, or even about Christians) who are challenging and offering alternatives to the current evolutionary dogma. There’s Michael Behe, Michael Cremo, Guillermo Gonzalez, and Jonathan Wells — just to name a few.

People who mindlessly parrot the evolutionary theory taught by their highschool teachers should really take a look in the mirror before calling anyone else “narrow-minded.”

3. “Guns are only for killing people.”

That’s the only use they could think of? What about hunting? Olympic sports? Target practice? Protecting livestock from predatory animals?  Preventing innocent people from being killed by scaring off attackers through a show of force? This has got to be one of the worst cases of narrow-mindedness ever.

4. “The world is over-populated.”

Have they looked at any population charts recently? Canada has a ridiculously low population density of 3 people per square kilometer (or 8/sq. mile)! Furthermore, the population density of the entire world works out to only 13 people per square kilometer (or 34.5 / sq. mile). I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound crowded to me.

5. “Disadvantaged people need special social programs in order to overcome their circumstances.”

If you believe this, go add biographies about self-made people to your reading list. Seriously.