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You Call That An Apology?

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

I (Kristin) was just reading the news about a Vancouver rioter, Camille Cacnio, who posted a 3,300 word ‘apology’ on the Internet after being routed out for her part in looting a tuxedo store (she later removed it and replaced it with a shorter version).

The ‘apology’ basically can be summed up as follows:


I apologize.

I take full responsibility for my actions.

But that’s not the person I am.

I am now a victim of the social media mob.

What I did wasn’t as bad as what everybody else did.

I was just responding to an adrenaline rush.

The stealing was just for fun.

I was overcome by mob mentality.

I really am a good person because I am a university student and I was conscientious enough to save the trees that day [though not enough to protect other people’s property].

I am now a victim of harassment.  The social media mob is ruining my life.

I have my rights.

These people who are smearing me on social media sites are stupid, racist, and sexist.

I can loot stores because I am a woman and I can do anything that men can do.  If what I did proves this to misogynistic people then the looting was a good thing.

I think this has blown out of control.

I have lived in Canada all my life.  I am a hardworking university student and athlete.

I have been dehumanized.  People are wrongfully venting their anger against me.

Stop ruining my life!

Stop forgetting that I have rights.

Canada is peaceful and kind.  You are embarrassing our country by singling me and other rioters out in social media.

Give us a break.  We made a mistake.

I am willing to take whatever punishment I get [except for public shaming on the internet].

Thanks to those of my family and friends who supported me during this difficult time.  And to all of you who disowned me:  Get lost, because I don’t want to have anything to do with you.

Thank you ever so kindly for your time [and for listening to my self-justifying rant],




I think Ezra Levant said it best, that when no one is watching and all the moral strictures are removed, that is when the real person comes out.

I am sorry, Camille, but we have all seen who you really are and no amount of self-justifying remarks and ranting about rights will change that.

If you are truly sorry and taking full responsibility for your actions as you claim, I suggest that you meet with the owners of the tuxedo store in person to apologize and not only return the pants you stole, but make restitution by giving them twice the cost of the pants with your own hard-earned dollars.  And then you can go and help clean up all the mess:  not only of their store, but all of downtown.

You participated in the destruction, you participate in the reconstruction.

You were quick to list all the things you didn’t do (smashing windows, torching cars, hurting people), but in that you did not leave the scene of the riot or make any attempt to stop those things from happening, you were complicit.

You pride yourself in how you stopped some rioters from pulling down trees.  But you did nothing to protect other people or their property.  On the contrary, you openly admit that you “had fun stealing.”

Very telling.