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Can you say “Wedding”?

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Here is a FANTASTIC wedding hymn that a friend posted on Facebook some time ago.  I want to marry Ryan again just so we can sing this at the wedding.  😉  (Kristin)


Oh, Jesus Christ! How Bright and Fair

Oh, Jesus Christ! How bright and fair / The marriage of your children where

Your blessings rich attend them! / What gracious gifts you here bestow,

What streams from heaven ever flow  /  In blessings which you send them,

Grant they true stay To you ever, Lord! Leave never / These two, vowing,

With one heart before you bowing.

When man and wife are married well,  / And peacefully before you dwell,

In faithfulness united,  /  The streams of bliss will strongly flow

And we your children here below  / Like angels be delighted;

No rain, no pain, can destroy it or annoy it—what you’ve given

To the pair that hopes in heaven.

To man and wife, O, grant your grace  /  And in this holy, blessed place

And from your throne in Heaven  /  With loving arms protect them, Lord,

And daily keep them in Your Word  /  And nightly angels send them.

Though we must be hither, thither roaming ever till you give us

Pious homes and thus relieve us.

The man is like a mighty tree  /  Whose branches spread so fair and free;

The wife a vine life-bearing  /  She yields her fruit in holy love

And blest by grace from God above / The family she is rearing.

Gemstone, man’s crown! Husband’s treasure! House’s pleasure! Jew’l of honor!

On his throne God smiles upon her.

O wife! the Lord has chosen you  /  That from your womb shall life anew

Increase the Church and build it  /  This wondrous work forever mounts,

The mighty word His lips pronounce: / What here you see, shall yield it

Handsome shall come,  / Sons and daughters to the waters of salvation

Finding grace and good vocation.

Wie schön ists doch, Herr Jesu Christ

Author: Paul Gerhardt (1607-1676)

Translator: John Kelly (alt. Matthew Carver)

2008 Tune: WIE SCHÖN LEUCHTET [O Morning Star]