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Christmas Newsletter 2012

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

We hope this letter finds you all well.

God is so good to us. We are so thankful for His hand upon us.

January and February saw me concentrating on my health. I started five months of chelation therapy, and I took an allergy test. I discovered that I have multiple food sensitivities, which shed some light on the source of the boys’ food sensitivities and allergies.

Georgian Bay

In the spring we attended two rallies at Queen’s Park, one to defund abortion, and the other to oppose the imminent passage of Bill 13, which would effectively curtail freedom of religion and freedom of speech in Ontario’s public and Catholic schools.

The summer was pretty busy. Ryan started up his tandem bike business again, thanks to the supplier catching up on the backlog. Ryan hired Justin as his assistant. Justin’s job was to remove the cardboard and plastic packaging. He received some shiny coins for his work, and learned a little about earning and spending money.

The sunny days saw us going to some grand church picnics, taking several family bike rides around the neighbourhood, visiting a petting zoo, and adding a terrace garden to our backyard and planting our usual crop of vegetables. The kids and I had a lot of fun with indoor and outdoor crafts, and Ryan and I fixed up a few pieces of furniture and did some woodworking projects. And to my great joy, a friend gave us his upright piano.

Family bike

(we were posing for this photo; we do all wear helmets when riding!)

In August we once again spent some weekends camping and at the cottage with family. Ryan joined my uncle and my cousin’s boyfriend in a long distance bike ride from Toronto/Newmarket to Haliburton; for Ryan, the ride totaled about 230km.

At the end of September, we assisted in the moving of Westminster Chapel to a church building in High Park. Ryan is continuing to volunteer his time and labour to help with the renovations at the new location.

In October, Ryan biked to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. A few weekends later he biked to Peterborough for a visit to the Canoe Museum with the boys and me. Ryan is planning a 500 kilometer bike ride for next year and is inviting all his family and friends to join him – just kidding!

In November we attended the wedding of friends. We also began to share some wonderful news: We are expecting again! The newest member of the family is due to arrive in May 2013.

Now it is December. The Christmas lights and decorations have been up for the last month, I’ve been playing Christmas hymns on the piano since August, and listening to Christmas music for some weeks now. I am very much looking forward to the family gatherings and festivities to come, and carefully instilling the same Christmas spirit in my boys at an early age.

boys, boys

Justin and Patrick are growing and thriving in spite of the eccentricities of their parents. Justin is now 3 ½. He is obsessed with fire trucks and Thomas the Train. He jumps at the chance to work with Mommy and Daddy, and is learning responsibility. He loves to asks questions, hear stories of his parents’ childhood, and listen to books. Justin is extremely curious about the new baby, especially concerning the matter of how the baby is going to be able to get out of Mommy’s tummy. His current plan is to drill a hole in Mommy’s tummy to release the baby when he/she is ready to come out.

Patrick is also excited and curious about the new baby. Patrick is now 2 years old. His vocabulary seems to be growing by the day. He is a little monkey, and makes friends and acquaintances nervous with his acrobatic antics. Patrick appears to have a disdain for clothing, as I never seem to be able to keep socks on him, nor shirts as of late. I think he was born to be a warrior. If you peek in the windows of our house, you may catch a glimpse of this little tarzan with bare chest, sporting a toy gun and riding a large white tiger around the living room!

Looking forward to the new year and what the future holds for our little brood.

fall family

Blessings this Christmas and for the New Year,

Ryan, Kristin, Justin, Patrick, & Baby Kidd