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Christmas Newsletter 2013

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

by Kristin

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope this newsletter finds you all well.

What a wonderful year this has been for us! We are so very blessed, and give thanks to God continually for His mercy toward us, both in saving us in the midst of our sin and rebellion and for granting us such abundance when we are in no way deserving.

In January and February we were enjoying the snow. The boys and Ryan had lots of opportunities to shovel off driveways together, both for ourselves and for our elderly neighbours. Ryan also did some little woodworking projects with the boys just for fun, such as building a birdhouse, some rough wooden boats and cars, and a jointed crocodile from scraps.

March saw us preparing for the new arrival. Ryan built a small bunkbed for the boys with some help for me, and I built a shelf for the baby’s room with some help from him. I also made some curtains and a crib skirt to add some finishing touches. Then the hunt was on for a bigger vehicle to move the growing family around. We settled on a 2008 Toyota Sienna with low mileage, and thus far have been blessed with its reliability and performance.

End of April, our precious little Oliver Truman Kidd made a surprise arrival. I developed a pregnancy-related liver condition which necessitated inducing labour two weeks before the due date. Praise be to God, the complication and the early introduction had no ill effects on Oliver, and my liver returned to normal levels quickly.

We spent May in wonder and awe over this tiny little person (and he was tiny! Born 5lbs 14oz!). Ryan was home for two weeks on paternity leave, and his mom and sister came and helped us for some time too.

June, July, and August saw us adjusting to life with three little ones, getting in some vacation time and weekends away with extended family, attending church picnics, playing at the neighbourhood park, and enjoying some family bike rides. Ryan once again went on some long distance rides this summer, biking to Haliburton and the Blue Mountains, and doing some 100+ km loops around Toronto.

We spent September and October trying to enjoy to the fullest what we knew to be the last warm days of the year, getting outside with the kids as much as we could, and trying to finish every last painting project we could think of. Don’t ask me how it happened, but I ended up urethaning three dining tables, and then staining and urethaning a 5′ x 6′ bookshelf. Needless to say, I was pretty tired of painting by the end of it!

We had wonderful Thanksgiving celebrations with both sides of the family, and had the opportunity to make and can lots of applesauce, thanks to the productive apple tree in our backyard. The boys and I dropped in on the local fire station for a visit, and were given a first class tour of the firetrucks. We also enjoyed a whole day at the Toronto Zoo with Justin and Patrick’s cousins from the Kidd family.

These last couple months we have been working on a variety of projects and have been making preparations for the winter and the coming year. Ryan did quite a bit of volunteer work this year for various kingdom ministries. The last couple of weeks he has been editing sermon audio files during his available evening hours. In addition to his numerous volunteer activities, Ryan still loves getting out on his bike, tinkering on industrial arts projects in his garage, and spending time with his boys. Ryan hired on Justin and Patrick again this summer as his assistants in his tandem bike business. They earned a few dollars for helping to remove packaging and fasten pedals and water bottle holders to the bicycle frames.

Justin turned four in March. In the summer we took the training wheels off his bike, and after a tempting bribe and about 15 minutes of practice — not joking! — he was riding like a champ – except it took a little longer to learn to use the brakes!  He is obsessed with Lego, and will often be found making spaceships and cars, or acting out a battle between his Lego men forces. He is an outgoing kid, and loves to play with cousins or other children at church. He adores little Oliver, and has told us that he wants more baby brothers to play with!

Patrick too loves his baby brother. Patrick turned three in September. He has a beautiful smile and the cutest giggle. Patrick is enamored with firetrucks, backhoes, and other construction equipment. He loves to spend one-on-one time with Daddy or Mommy, whether it be working with tools, doing household chores with me, sitting on Ryan’s knee watching backhoe videos on Youtube, or having a storybook read to him. For the past month or two, we have been reading through the Thornton Burgess bedtime book series, which is a real favourite of both the boys.

Oliver, our sweet little baby, is growing too fast for us. He is seven months old now, and is starting to crawl and get into things. He popped his first tooth at 4 1/2 months and now boasts four chompers. He has the most adorable squeal and is loads of fun to play with. He is a pretty happy and easygoing baby most of the time.

I have been pretty busy and happy too. Early in the year, I was busy preparing the baby’s room for Oliver’s arrival. More recently, I have been making a school room for our boys in the extra bedroom, complete with a child-sized table and stools. I have some Montessori and phonics materials, lots of timeless storybooks, and some great ideas in store for teaching them in the new year. As for other interests, I upgraded my camera this year after our point-and-shoot broke. I’ve been enjoying learning about the fundamentals of photography and experimenting with the camera settings to catch great photos. I’m also interested in learning more about canning and food preserving and trying some different recipes and techniques.

We pray God’s blessings upon each and every one of you this Christmas and for the New Year.

-The Kidds