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Christmas Newsletter 2014

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all our friends and family!

The year went so fast. It’s hard to believe it’s the Christmas season again already.

It was a long, cold winter. The ice storm that hit the GTA a few days before Christmas in 2013 knocked out our power for two days. Thankfully, between a large kerosine heater and some generators we borrowed from Ryan’s brother Joel on the second day, we were able to manage the inconveniences of no electricity with little discomfort.

Come the new year, the weather was bitterly cold at times and the winter seemed to last forever. Needless to say, we stayed indoors a lot. Ryan and I tried to keep the boys busy with some preschool and woodworking activities.

In March and April, we celebrated Justin’s 5th birthday and Oliver’s 1st. During those early spring months, Ryan and I made some plans and began transforming two small rooms in our basement into one large playroom for the boys. Ryan took out the partition wall, added some new drywall and pot lights, and painted the room a beautiful sky blue. Together with my sister Danielle, I painted some big fluffy white clouds on the walls and painted the doors and trim white. Over the course of the year, I added a toy organizer and a small table and chairs. Later in the year, Ryan built a jungle gym for the playroom with two towers and monkey bars for the boys to climb and swing on. If another harsh winter strikes, we are well prepared!

In May, we were thankful and joyful to discover that we were expecting another child. Baby Kidd #4 is due to arrive in January 2015!

Summer brought a buzz of activity. I was gardening again this year, as well as spending hours preparing for homeschooling Justin in the fall. On top of that, I volunteered to help my sister Danielle prepare for her wedding, as she had only a few months to get ready. Many hours of planning and crafting went into making it a beautiful event. I also took the kids and their cousins to the Reptile Zoo in Vaughn for a field trip in June.

Over July and August we attended three weddings and a wedding shower and went camping/cottaging with both sides of the family. What an exciting summer!

In September, we celebrated Patrick’s 4th birthday. We also acquired a 50 acre parcel near the Beaver Valley in Grey County, about a 20 minute drive from Ryan’s parents’ house. Over the next few months, we spent many weekends there, camping out in the cabin and, with the help of family and friends, doing a lot of work in the fields and bush, cutting back the growth at the edges in preparation for a neighbouring farmer to come and cultivate the land for us.

The boys and I have been enjoying homeschooling for the most part. Some days they are excited for school and other days, well, they are not-so-excited about their work.

Justin is my star math student. He loves math, and really has a head for numbers, surprising me at times with his understanding. He is obsessed with Legos, and can disappear for hours at a time behind those little blocks and minifigures in the playroom. He is also becoming quite a help with little tasks around the house, such as washing dishes, caring for Oliver, fetching things for me, and cleaning up toys. He is a bright and happy boy, whose smile and giggle can really light up a room. He likes to ask a lot of questions, and can really test the extent of my knowledge with his insatiable curiousity.

Patrick is more quiet and sensitive than his older brother, but nonetheless a sweet little boy who loves time and attention from Daddy and Mommy. He has faithfully remembered the new little baby in his prayers during the course of the pregnancy. One of Patrick’s favourite things to do is spend time with Daddy working on some project or machine. He also loves tigers, and likes to dress up in a tiger costume whenever he has the opportunity at Grandma’s house.

Oliver is our resident cutie-pie. Now 18 months old, he is energetic and enthusiastic to be involved in what everyone else is doing. Whether it’s washing dishes or sweeping the floor with Mommy, playing Legos or colouring pictures with his big brothers, or hitting keys on Daddy’s laptop while Ryan is typing, Oliver is an irresistible companion — in more than one sense! His infectious giggle would cause anyone to break out in a smile. He loves his teddy bears and stuffed animals, and can’t go to bed without them.

Between three lively boys, a pregnant wife, volunteer positions, and hobbies, Ryan has been keeping very busy once again this year. He had the boys helping him with the tandem bike business again this summer. Though he did not participate in any long distance bike rides this year, he took all of us on a number of rides down the Don Valley trail. We attracted a lot of attention from passerby with our bike for five (kangaroo baby seat + tandem bike + tandem bike trailer = 5 riders). The conundrum he has yet to solve, however, is where to add on a seat for a sixth passenger once the baby graduates from riding inside Mommy!

We are thankful to God for all His many blessings, and for the strength He gives us to face the trials and challenges of each day. We rest in peace, knowing that God guides and governs the future,  and that even in the midst of troubles and distress, we can trust Him to see us through dark days and over a difficult path. Not in our time, but in His time. Not by our plans, but by His wisdom.

A Blessed Christmas to all of you,

Ryan & Kristin, Justin, Patrick, Oliver, and Baby