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Christmas Newsletter 2020

Wednesday, December 30th, 2020

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

It’s Christmas time, and now more than ever we feel the light of Christ’s incarnation shining into the darkness of our sin-filled world.

The first century BC was a dark hour in the history of the Jewish nation. The Jewish people were conquered, scattered, subjugated, and oppressed. The line of kings was broken. God’s promises seemed empty and distant, with little possibility of fulfillment. Hope had faded so far that only the most devout still clung to it.

But Christ came. He conquered sin, and death, and Satan. He rose victorious from the grave, and now He lives and reigns on high forever. His will shall never be thwarted. His purposes will never be turned aside. The advancement of His Kingdom will never be stopped.

We live in the glorious light of this truth, even when all around us we witness fear and anger and uncertainty, suffering and oppression and bondage. When we see what is happening now in our communities and the world, we gain a renewed perspective: The Gospel becomes so much more precious; God’s promises become so much more vital to our souls.

(Left to Right): Melinda (6), Ryan, John-Michael (1), Patrick (10), Justin (11), Kristin, Serena (4), Oliver (7)

God has upheld and blessed us again this year. His faithfulness never ends.

With the arrival of John-Michael last December, this year saw us settling into a “new normal”: caring for a new baby while continuing with homeschooling and daily household logistics. Thankfully, like his siblings before him, John-Michael was a happy, content baby, which made my job so much easier.

We had a huge dump of snow in February (about 16″), which was amazingly fun for the kids. They had a blast playing in it. They also enjoyed some skating, sledding, snowboarding, and snow building (snowmen, snow forts, igloos, etc.) over the winter months.

The kids in their igloo

Spring gave us wonderful glimpses of local wildlife. The kids befriended a chipmunk, and fed it corn right from their hands. We had a few close encounters with does and fawns, which were pretty breathtaking. The kids also convinced Ryan to buy and set-up a game camera in our woods. It’s amazing to be so close to wild creatures in your own backyard.

Our pet chipmunk “Freddy”

The warmer months saw us gardening, felling and milling trees, splitting and stacking firewood, canoeing, camping, swimming, biking, and hiking. Ryan also got a rough start on a bush road through our woods. We’re looking forward to using that trail in the coming months and years.

The kids on top of a round bale

We tripled the size of our garden this year (it was pretty tiny last year, so that wasn’t too hard), and God gave us a wonderful bounty. We enjoyed many fresh vegetables over the course of the summer, and harvested a fair number of root vegetables in the fall, plus 150 squash!

All of the kiddos, each with a homegrown pumpkin!

We took a field trip to Queenston Heights in the late summer. We saw the Isaac Brock monument, the Niagara River gorge, and the Falls. Most of the kids were seeing these for the first time, and it was quite an exciting day for all of us.

The kids are learning and thriving. We love the opportunity we have to be with them every day and all-day, teaching and training, working and playing. Each one is so precious to us, and watching them grow — in knowledge and skill, character and faith, love for each other and for God — is such a priceless gift.

Ryan and the kids overlooking the Niagara River

Ryan and I are thriving too. We are so thankful for the health, strength, love, and grace that God has bestowed on us this year. Ryan is slowly growing his business, providing property services to the local community. He has also served our church and other ministries in various ways and capacities this year.

As always, I’ve been managing the household, homeschool, garden…and the craft department. 😉 The kids and I dabble in arts and crafts whenever we have the opportunity. We learned water painting this year, and the kids have been impressing me with their beautiful designs and landscapes. We also enjoyed crafting some Christmas cards for the residents of a local nursing home.

The kids with a few of the Christmas cards they made for residents of a local nursing home

God is good. All the time.

To all our friends and neighbours and family, we wish you a New Year filled with God’s peace, joy, and love.

Kristin for the Kidds