A Baby’s Room on a Shoestring Budget (Pt. 2)

by Kristin

In between working on the sewing projects for the baby’s room, Ryan and I made a wall shelf and a matching wooden railing for the change table dresser. We were able to use scraps of wood from the garage for both of these woodworking projects, so apart from our time, the cost of the poly-urethane, and a few hooks, nails, and screws, the shelf and railing were almost free.

Here are the pictures of the baby’s room:

The three matching frames over the baby’s bed I scrounged from a box of picture frames in our basement storage room. They were black, and I painted them a light blue with acrylic craft paint. The mobile’s ‘arches’ are off of a baby play gym my mother-in-law gave me, and I made the mobile’s clouds with cotton balls and the rainbows out of tissue paper and cardstock.

The crib and the dresser were given to us by neighbours, so all told, this baby’s room probably cost us only $100 – $200, but I’m very happy with how it turned out.

I love the bright colours in the room (yellow, blue, and green), and the throw blanket on the glider chair determined the theme (Noah’s Ark), which wonderfully ties together the rainbow-and-clouds mobile, the stuffed toy animals lining the wall shelf, and the safari animal change table pad.

I would like to add a pillow and make some art in keeping with the Noah’s Ark theme, but for now this is how the room will be. 🙂

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