Dinosaur Fossil Creations!

Once in a while, when I’m feeling energetic and ambitious, I do some preschool with my boys. I draw inspiration for my teaching methods from different educational philosophies, such as Montessori, Charlotte Mason, classical education, etc. Mostly, I try to read good, solid books  to the children and give them hands-on activities to help draw their interest and make these lessons more memorable for their young minds.

Back in January and February, we were learning about Creation and Noah’s Flood, and we took a little detour to study about dinosaurs, which is an interest of the boys. Justin and Patrick have a small collection of toy dinosaurs and have learned most of their dinosaurs names (such as ‘Parasaurolophus’ and ‘Pachycephalosaurus’).

As part of this study, we decided to make some fossils of our own using the boys’ toy dinosaurs and a simple salt dough recipe I found online for just such a project.

The boys helped with stirring the dough…

And with rolling the dough…

We then pressed their toy dinosaurs (and our hands!) into the dough to make fossil imprints, and baked our ‘fossils’ in the oven:

After our fossils cooled, we pulled out some craft paint and brushes and went crazy! 🙂



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